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And now in ‘seriously awesome’ – We are heading into studio!

You win. You have been asking for it, longing for it, making me feel bad for not getting to it… sending me email after email saying how you will have my babies if JonesAndYou only could release an official debut-EP. Ok, maybe that last one isn’t quite true but anyway!

For a couple of months now we have been setting up for the recording process. It has been somewhat daunting I admit – deciding the songs, getting the boys together to practice (a project in itself), setting up studio time etc. It’s a handfull.

Now, I want to make clear that although Im making it sound like I do all the legwork, truth is the wonderful people in the JonesAndYou family are the ones making this actually possible. I owe my life to the boys in the hands down best sounding band there ever was (JonesAndYou, naturally) but I want to extend a special shoutout to Aki väkevä of Madmix studios for helping me set up the recording process and lending his ears for the recording weekend ahead. Also, I want to send all love in its purest form to our very own Lasse Piirainen for helping me out (saving me) in the pre-production phase, and basically cementing my faith on the recording project itself.

So we are going to record our songs over the summer and get the EP released in the fall. This weekend (march 20 – march 22) me, Aki and Otto are going to lock ourselves inside the creative vault that is Madmix studios, and get some basic tracks done. Hope you are as exited about the upcoming release as we are! I will talk to you later <3

And send me those emails already, will you!

(The official press release can be found here)

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