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3 reasons to love this song! – “Everytime you’re around” by Silas Frey

As an artist it can get exhausting to constantly try to influence people to hear a song, see a picture or watch a video. That’s why every once in a while it’s fun to turn the tables and actually be under the influence myself.

And today I’m uncontrollably under the influence of a brand new song by Silas Frey  called “Everytime you’re around”. If you know me you know that once I get excited about something I can go on and on and on about it, so to make things simple and concise I’m going to tell you what I think about the song in 3 words. Here we go.

  1. Dramatic – in the best way possible. I love how Silas’s brand of indie-soul-rock can be ominous and dramatic without being pathetic.
  2. Brilliantly performed – you can just hear the musicianship and the skill with instruments and instrumentation in every aspect of the song.
  3.  Cool – it’s just so cool, like Silas himself – so damn cool. I envy/love these people who get to make art that comes out as cool as his music does. The rest of us? Let’s just enjoy it and swoon!

So there’s my influence for today in 3 words. I hope you enjoyed it. Now go listen to the song on your platform of choice, get influenced and have a great day!

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