Brendan Schaub on ‘FTK’ split with FOX – And why you should care

This is the age of new media. With everything that’s good about it and everything that is bad about it – it’s here. The meteor of easily streamed and consumed online content has hit. There is nothing anyone can do to stop it and the dinosaurs are dying.

On a recent Fighter and the Kid episode podcaster Brendan Schaub gave his view on the parting of ways with their former host FOX sports, undoubtedly inspired by the recent not so favourable comments of the head of the organisation about their podcast. Brendan had held his piece at the time but now was enclined to speak out on the actual facts from their said concerning the seemingly amicable parting of ways that took place.

To me this is not just entertainment gossip, albeit it serves as that too. This is a very clear view inside the turmoil that “old media” dinosaurs are now facing. As a musician I care because this has everything to do with what we are doing as artists aswell. We can take control of our own destiny. Yes it will be difficult and there will be pushback but we live in the future and we can decide for ourselves. We don’t have any guarantee of success, but we do have the tools to try. The gatekeepers are still holding the keys, but the fence around the gate is falling fast.

Watch Brendan tell it like it is, and watch it over and over untill you understand how closely it relates to you.

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