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Are you dwelling on your past or learning from it?

It’s so easy to say “Don’t look back”. It sounds like wisdom, and often times it can actually be wisdom. But I think there’s a distinction to be made between looking back and being held back by your past.

Our whole conscious self is based on memory and reflection. We do not live in the present because it’s way too fast – “now” does not happen until we have lived through it and remember it.

In the most important moments in our lives we move through thresholds. We project our wishes and dreams to the future but cannot actually experience it. We sense the effects of the present moment unfolding but cannot actually affect it. The only thing we can actually experience is the past. One second away, ten years away, it  does not matter, it’s still the only way for us to take in this life.

I often look back. I try not to judge myself, and I try to be moderate with enjoying nostalgia. It’s my memories that give me strenght to confront the sudden surprises of the “now”. Not the memory of this specific challenge, but the memory of having faced a challenge before, and having survived it as a stronger person.

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Talk to you soon

– Jones

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