kermit lalaland

Emma Stone falls for Kermit – we are green with envy!

Let me make this clear, you are reading a text by a guy who just recently binge-watched The Muppets TV show in a day. Don’t get me wrong, it was actually a great show! I’m just saying they don’t really have to try that hard to keep me amused.  I also loved, loved, loved La La  Land.

So when Funny or die put the two things together for a tribute/spoof/whatever music video… I was IN! In the video we see kermit serenading the main love theme of La La Land originally performed by Ryan Gosling. There’s just something earnest in that green little fellows delivery that you can’t help but to feel the song through his performance!

In addition to Kermits lead vocal rendition of the song, they haphazardly slapped together a compilation of clips that either did or did not appear in the movie and it’s truly endearing in that random internet video way!
I especially enjoy the warm acting moment in the end between Emma Stone and kermit.

So if you are a Muppets fan, a La La Land fan or just feeling like friday – give yourself this gift of internet clip glädje below. The caffeine is wearing off and I need to get some actual work done so I will talk to you later.

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