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Forget what I said – Soft sundays are back!

One of the first concepts we had for JonesAndYou back when we first started was to record simple acoustic versions of our songs and release a them once a month, on a Sunday to lend soothing aid to people trying to recover from their hang-overs. The idea kind of fell by the wayside as our touring started to ramp up and we couldn’t really keep up with the video content as much as we would have liked at the time.

Well, now we are bringing Soft Sunday back! We are kicking it off by coming back to where we started. “Forget what I said” is a song about beginnings, forks in the road and the promise of youth. It will serve you well as you ponder about your existance and try to put the pieces together of what actually happened last night. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Soft sunday is best served with a fresh cup of coffee and cold pizza. It’s good to be back, have a wonderful sunday!

– Jones


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