Friday got weird – Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Insult Each Other

So Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence played the Playground insults game on BBC Radio 1. The idea of the show is to pit two celebrities together for an insult face-off of the particularry low-brow and childish persuasion. Jen and Chris were up to the challenge, and it got weird… in a very good way.

This clip is hilarious, but really I cant go into much detail without spoiling the video so you should probably just see it for yourself.

What I will say is that it really comes across that these two are good friends, and that they have a good sense of humour about themselves. It’s fun to see celebs being good sports about silly stuff like this, and you can really feel the love in every insult they are forced to throw at eachother.

You reeeeaaaalllyyyy want to see the ending. Just a tip.

Ps. So THAT’S where I always forgot remembering Chris Pratt from! Thanks Jen!

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