creators blues

I had to travel 5000 miles to understand why I wrote this song

It was the most beautiful day in Nashville, I was on one of the best trips of my life, and for the first time in my life I was feeling homesick. This made me realize something about this song I had written three years ago.

When I write songs they don’t always describe a particular situation as much as a collage of different experiences and emotions. One of my favourite themes has always been the overall feeling of being a traveler, a wondering soul inside a body that stays still. With this I think I deal with the traditional artist’s wanderlust, naturally, but there is probably something deeper there too.

It’s a feeling of freedom. Being free to explore the world but also the need to protect that freedom. It’s sexy for a musician to be this way I guess, but it can be a detriment when it comes to relationships. It can leave us feeling somewhat disconnected sometimes, even in a romantic situation.

“My heart will be with you” has always been my anthem and my apology in this matter. But I admit, it was always somewhat superficial. I did not have actual experiences of having that someone I could actually come “home” to. Not in a tragic way either, just hadn’t happened to me yet. There is definately some irony in having your own song come back to bite you albeit in a very positive way. Ok, maybe not “bite”… let’s call it a love-nib.

There I was in a hotel room in Nashville Tennesee, in the mecca of country music having the time of my life… and in agonizing, beautiful pain at the same time. Missing someone. That’s when it hit me – this was that part of the song where you do wan’t to come back home to someone. It was just as precious and beautiful as I had unwittingly written it to be.

Take a listen for yourself and see if it speaks to you!

Have a great day, have a nice weekend and as always – keep up!

– Jones

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