liisa I saw you
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“I saw you” by Liisa – Under the influence w/Jones

As an artist it can get exhausting to constantly try to influence people to hear a song, see a picture or watch a video. That’s why I decided to turn the tables and actually be under the influence myself.

And today I’m uncontrollably under the influence of a brand new song by Liisa called “I saw you”. If you know me you know that once I get excited about something I can go on and on and on about it, so to make things simple and concise I’m going to tell you what I think about the song in 3 words. Here we go.

  1.  Simple – The song is refreshingly simple. There’s no forced modern production and no gimmicks – just a great song with a great message, composition and lyrics. That’s it. Perfect.
  2. Comforting – Sure , there’s definitely a melancholic vibe as an undertone, but it still has that “warm musical hug” feel to it. That’s something I needed this morning – so thank you Liisa!
  3. Beautiful – Finally – it’s just beautiful. From the composition and the arrangements to Liisa’s voice everything is in it’s place. I love beautiful things and I love this song!

So there’s my influence for today in 3 words. I hope you enjoyed it. Now go listen to the song on your platform of choice, get influenced and have a great day!


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