Jimmy Fallon feat. Metallica – Enter Classroom!

Jimmy Fallon at it again, entertaining the internets and making it just a bit easier to log on every morning and face these times of polarisation from the comfort of our homes. Also – some random rock n roll mummies came along for the ride.

Im talking of course about this priceless Classroom Instrument interpetration of Metallica’s Metal classic “Enter Sandman”. The trash metal institution that is Metallica recently performed a song from their new album on the Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon, and evidently found time to mess about kids instruments with Jimmy and The Roots.

Even though Metallica never was that important of a band to me personally, I do find it endearing when artists, especially as reclusive and established as Metallica, subject themselves and their music to this kind of humorous and playful situations. Im all for mystique and brand awareness but come on, sometimes it’s just to have a laugh together.

They did, they rocked, and I think we are all a bit better for it. Check it out!

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