“Coming up” no more – we are online!

I‘m so glad to be able to welcome you to the home online for all things JonesAndYou! Alot has been done, alot remains to be done but here it is. Can you smell the new paint? As you may know JonesAndYou is very much a media-oriented band and we will be offering you our music, video, sound and pictures all around the internets (not to mention my rambling assaults on the keyboard).

I want this site to be the center of it all. I want you here telling me how you’re feeling, how you liked our latest video or if you know of any cool new selfie-filters. I’m always excited to hear from you, and also to tell you what’s up with us (try out our mailing list why don’t you!)

This text gives you a good idea of how unpolished a lot of it will be, but I’ll try to throw in stuff that is actually planned out and can maybe offer you clearer insights about my views on all things music, life and popular culture.

Take a look around, enjoy the few posts already on the site and come back for more. Talk to you later!

– Jones

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