halloween horror

“The time we made our own animated short film…”

Said few bands ever. But we did, and to me it was a dream come true. You might not know this about me (and why would you?) but in addition to being an international musician-playboy by trade, I also dabble in video editing and animation as a freelancer. Visual expression and animation is one of my true passions and I have been waiting impatiently for a chance to incorporate it to the entertainment I can provide for you (and myself) through JonesAndYou.

This particular animation was really a last minute effort last october as it was conceptualized, written and animated in three weeks just in time for halloween. You can watch the clip below or on our video page right here.  I hope you like it, and I’m exited to bring you more silly stuff like this in the future :)

Let me know what you think! Talk to you later, keep up!

– Jones

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