Practice makes – well… fat

In the everyday topsy-turvy world of music, it is sometimes hard to take good care of your health. Busy, stressed out and on the run we often cave in and give in to our more immediate instincts, neglecting our health and wellbeing in the longer run.

Let’s take an example. Your musical group is rehearsing for an upcoming EP and a wild spring of awesome live shows. The practice is intense, pressure is high and inspiration runs wild. Suddenly your drummer (yes, will be your drummer, it always is) brings up the issue of maybe getting something to eat. You suddenly notice that indeed you are hungry! It has been hours since you last ate, you haven’t been hydrating and your blood sugar is waaaayy low.

The common solution is to just get something delicious and fast. For example you could go for a pizza. A delicious pizza with four different meats and melted cheese on top. Or alternatively you could find a burger, oh yes a big juicy burger with fries and wash it down with some coke! You could also just go for some big ol sandwitches with mayo, chicken, salad, mustard and bacon and a large cup of coffee. And what of dessert? Well you can get a nice piece of chocolate cake and another cup of that coffee (with milk and a hint of sugar of course). You can also just get a danish pastry to go, or straight ghetto it and get a variety of chocolate bars to eat while enjoying the rest of the practice on a comfortable sugar high… mmm yes!

Oh, wait… did you expect this to be a guide to healthier eating? Sorry, gotta run. I have some chocolate left and my coffee is getting cold! Talk to you later, keep up!

– Jones

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