Marriage equality is now finally a reality in Finland.

Today the Finnish parliament has voted on a law proposal to overturn a previous vote that determined an equal right to marriage for both heterosexual and same sex couples. This initiative from the conservative branches of Finnish government was met with a resounding “nope” by a majority of the representatives in parliament (the vote was 120 – 48 against the new proposal to overturn the former result)

The decision was met with an exhiliration by Ville Niinistö, the leader of the Finnish Green party: “That’s it! The parliament confirmed the equal marriage law to be put in action March 1. 2017 by a clear majority vote of 120 – 48. This is an irreversible step forward for progress and culture of tolerance in Finland! Love conquers all. “

Personally, I think it is ridicilous that we even needed to have a vote on such a clear matter of human right to be recognized and protected as a married couple by law if two concenting adults wish to take the step to become such. It is a welcome step forward but it’s opposition also a reminder of the ways we still have to go as a society.

Now, as far as the rights of representatives of religious organizations such as the church to decline to perform a marriage ceremony for a gay couple – to me that is definately a discussion of its own and it shouldn’t be in my opinion confused with the legal security this decicion provides for all married couples in regards to their status in our society. I would allow this to be a personal decision for any priest or other representative, because it is of no concequence for the actual issue.

Allthough it’s validity should be self evident in a secular, advanced society this does feel like a victory. In these times we live in, it is truly refreshing to be reminded that the will of the people in this country is still a majority vote for – not against – other people.

Let’s enjoy this moment. Go and celebrate love this weekend! For that matter have a great weekend – and as always, keep up!

– Jones

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