Very, very close to actual events!

Pre-production heaven – “It’s alive!”

Get used to me going on about the immensely talented and creative people I work with on JonesAndYou, because you will hear it A LOT! We just spent a couple of days of EP pre-production with the supreme Lasse Piirainen (@lassekeys – follow him!) and if I was carefully optimistic about this production before, I am now perfectly positive that it will be completely awesome!

I am happy, humbled and honored that a person with his level of talent will put creative energy and time to further our musical expression and perfect it. We will all be better for it.

Now, I did take a hundred plus one cool filtered selfies from the sessions, but unfortunately my phone died on me shortly after. I hope my artistic rendering will suffice!

Very, very close to actual events!

Very, very close to actual events!

Talk to you later, keep up!

– Jones

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