RATM “Killing in the name” – A Barbaric Bass Cover


If you’re looking for a heavy groove, this song is probably all you will ever need. 25 years after it’s release Killing in the name still rumbles like there’s no tomorrow.

I remember hearing Rage Against The Machine as a teenager and kinda liking it, but the power in the music only hit me years later. Whether you like the band’s political messages or not, it’s almost impossible to resist the way their playing makes you feel.  These guys knew exactly how to play laid-back and still make you feel loaded with endless amounts of power ready to burst out whenever necessary. Sometimes less really is more, and the seemingly “simple” riffs here are a perfect proof.

The song is a blast to play with any of the instruments but naturally I get to enjoy it from the bass point of view. While shooting the video with Jones we ended up raising the amount of distortion for two reasons: for my ears it brings out the presence of my instrument and for Jones… well, a little wasn’t enough.

Revisiting this classic track sure made our day, and I hope you will also get that sly smirk on your face listening to it. Thanks for stopping by, now take the energy from this track with you and go have an awesome weekend!

–  Conan


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