She Caught The Katy – A Barbaric Bass cover

Ever seen a movie in different stages of your life and felt like it had somehow changed? Obviously, it’s not the movie that changed – but you have

Somehow, almost magically, the opening scene of The Blues Brothers (1980) always feels the same to me. I can’t even remember how young I was the first time I saw the film, but I do know that I instantly fell in love with it. Luckily my parents hadn’t only self-recorded the film on a VHS but also bought the soundtrack on a CD (time for a joke about ancient formats, anybody?) and thus I had the possibility of concentrating even more of my focus on the music.

So, the beginning of the movie introduces us to the main characters Jake and Elwood. Minutes pass without too much audio information, and we see Jake getting ready to be let out of prison in an epic way. The suspense is building and your ears scanning for data, and when your senses are ready it’s time for the guitar to fade in. When the brothers finally meet and hug, “She Caught The Katy” starts with the grand horn intro and immediately leads to the infectious groove.

At this point, I always feel like coming home. When I wanted to learn the song note-for-note, I even checked out the movie intro for inspiration and still got the smile on my face, after all these years, at the same exact point – and that is why I kept going and watched the whole movie once again.

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