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Soft sunday – my dream has finally come true!

As an artist I have been a part of numerous wonderful events during these 20 years that I have been active as a performer. I have had the privilege of seeing some true masters of event planning at their craft. 

It is from this admiration and excitement that the dream of having an event of my own has slowly been born. These past few years.Music is my craft and the most personal way of communication for me.

But I have never really identified myself as a musician first.I have always considered myself more of a creator of collective experiences. And my goal has always been bringing people together and then altering their mood in a positive way.My journey is not about becoming a star.

I don’t buy into that story line. To me the “star musician” is an old concept and another cult of personality is the last thing this world needs now. To me it’s the responsibility of each and everyone of us to say “Ok, here’s my skill and my talent, how can I make this life better for the people around me with them?” I think the answer is simple for an artist. You create experiences for people and you make those experiences accessible and meaningful.

So that is what I’m about to do. I’m giving it my first try and cant wait to see where it goes from here. Come and find out with me.

The first Soft Sunday club is being held at SKÖNE, Helsinki 8th of September. The guest artist for this first event is the wonderful Johanna von Hertzen. Join the event here!

See you there!

– Jones

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