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Songs for Sundays – EP in honor of #softsunday 2019

This fall we organized our first ever “Soft Sunday” club event series. The shows were a celebration of great independent musicians and artists coming together to give a different and intimate experience to audiences in search of something new, both musically and emotionally. 

From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank all of you wonderful people who came to see the shows and add to the atmosphere. It was a four month journey so full of learning and enjoyment, that we felt the need to celebrate it with a  new musical release in the form of the “Songs for Sundays” – EP that will be released 15th of December 2019.

We put together this special edition of few of our softest and most uplifting songs to take you on that journey with us again, and to set the mood for the upcoming events we might have. We hope you enjoy this small collection at least as much as we enjoyed gifting it to you, and look forward to putting even more new music out in 2020!

Talk to you soon!

– Jones

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