The Beatles “Something” – A Barbaric Bass cover

Ahh, The Beatles. The Beatles? Yes, The Beatles!

Personally I didn’t really catch their magic until I found Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which pretty much stayed in my iPod as a soundtrack for one full youthful summer filled with confusion. That summer, Sgt. Pepper kept me happy through anything. It’s funny how caught up you can get with a recording – in this case so much so that I really couldn’t even listen to the band’s other recordings!

Years later, after slowly starting to appreciate The Beatles’ body of work, Something finally opened up to me. During my studies I had encountered accolades about the brilliance of the composition and the arrangement, taken a 2-second peek towards a bass transcription in the Bass Player Magazine and even probably heard the song a couple of times without any reaction. Then, one of my young and promising students asked for a transcription which I promised to create. While carefully listening to the bass part, my ears (and heart) also managed to open up for the actual song around it.

Barbarians play ballads too, and this one felt really good.

– Conan

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