The Family

I find he expression “do it yourself” somewhat misleading. Even if JonesAndYou superficially presents you with the ultimate DIY form of an artist trying to get his expression through to a potential audience, it is really at the end of the day more about “do it with your friends”. I gladly and fully acknowledge that without these wonderfully and deeply talented people I could never achieve what I am ultimately striving for. We all need a little help from our friends. This is the JonesAndYou family.


“From the beginning of time artists have tried to get noticed for the creative input they share with an audience. Now thanks to the internet we have the ear and eye of our fan fixed on us. This has freed us to do it all ourselves…”

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Otto Alahuhtala

“Perhaps one of the most relaxed people you will ever meet, Otto has been perfectly suited to create the laid back rhytmic soundscape…”

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Aki Virta

“Aki plays the bass and sings harmony vocals. As a true music enthusiast he has brought a varied set of both skill and taste to our mix. His experience as a freelance musician in Southern Finland playing a vast array of …”

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Antti Kokkola

“I always thought a person could either be good at many things, or a master in one. That is untill I met Antti. Violin, mandolin, guitar and many others are in his vast array of…”

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Tarmo Nikkilä

” Tarmo was introduced to me by our drummer Otto, as he was to guest star on one of our songs a couple of years back. The song is still in the works, but Tarmo stuck…”

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Lasse Piirainen

” It is rare to find a person who’s aesthetic sense meets his skill as a musician in such a harmonious union of style and grace. In Lasse I find the final piece of the artistic…”

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Viivi Häkkinen

” Viivi is the only one of my lovely family that is actually family. As my sister she has faced perhaps the most harsh scrutiny from…”

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Aki Väkevä

“A solid ten years of professional experience as an audio-engineer and a producer makes Aki the match that he is to us. As every artist needs an “opposing” force with…”

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The Collective

“We are about to make things happen, and we are not alone. To me the cornerstone of creative work is finding the other artists…”

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