Throwback highlight – Lie to me sweet

With the finishing and release our debut EP getting ever closer, it’s fun and a bit nostalgic to remember our beginnings as a band. And there is no better way to begin then with our first video-single release – Lie to me sweet.

Lie to me sweet was among the very first songs I ever presented to Aki and Otto, and probably one of the first songs I actually wrote with JonesAndYou in mind. I recall I had some of the song pre-recorded, then we stepped in to a room and recorded the rest of the song. The room in the video is actually the same room that we recorded the instruments in allthough the situation was re-created for the video a day later.

The emotion that comes to mind watching this now, is the deep satisfaction and exhilaration as the video was all done and uploaded. Just as today, it wasn’t for certain that the world would ever hear about us… but finally they were able to.

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