Welcome winter – keeping up with traditions

Well friends, here we are – at the doorstep of winter. To some of us it comes as a bitter farewell to the fall (or even to the summer if you are reeeeaallyyy optimistic), where as to some it comes as a long awaited relief. A fresh white blanket to write on. First snow is slowly flowing in the air and to the streets of Helsinki.

Four years ago “Slow white snow” was written, recorded and filmed in a single day of first snowfall, and has been my personal anthem for this particular moment ever since.

Now, I recognize that snowfall has already begun in other parts of Finland (or the world), so this may come as old news to you, and that’s completely fine – you can celebrate with me postymously.

With this song I wish you a great winter to come! Enjoy your time and make it count. Feel free to join in and share the song as we do every year. It is a tradition, after all.

– Jones

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